Marco Caricola is an Italian sound maker and multimedia artist born in 1990. Inspired by the perpetual intersections between art, technology and social contexts, his work threads on a broad landscape of tones while retaining an intrinsic aim to essentiality.

Between 2016 and 2020 Marco has collaborated with the Swedish music label 1631 Recordings, which released his debut LP ‘Innerfin’ (2016), a soundtrack for the documentary feature ‘Homs und Ich’ (2020), and other instrumental works for piano and chamber ensembles.

In 2021 Marco released the first installment of Aleas — a musical series exploring aleatoric techniques across remote collaborations. He also launched the open research group POST Sound in Bari (IT), aiming to develop new pathways and methodologies for cultural coproduction in the Southern Mediterranean region. ‘Declinazioni’ is the group’s first project: a collective musical experiment involving 29 musicians around the world in a single coproduced multimedia piece.

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