Research-based music podcast on Radio Alhara investigating new methods and scenarios for arts and culture in the Mediterranean region. Featuring contributions from creative thinkers and makers active across the area.


SE01 (2022)

  1. Proxies in Art Pedagogy (Raymond Brien)
  2. History As a Possibility (Tanja Hamester)
  3. Time is Lost (Ozge Sahin)
  4. Common Grounds (Angelica Calabrese)
  5. Marginal Geographies (Claudio Zecchi)
  6. A Thread Made of Gold (Myrrdin Rees-Davies)
  7. The Caretaker’s Dream (Ludovica Battista)
  8. Nostalgia Corium (Laila Saber Rodriguez)
  9. Hymn for The Chrisalys (NZIRIA)
  10. Unwritten Shores (Giuseppe Cesario)
  11. Other Desert Cities (Chiara Davino)
  12. Salts of Traversing (Rosita Ronzini)