Marco Caricola has recently emerged as a name to watch within the contemporary classical music scene, riding a crescent tide of word-of-mouth praise and production credits as a composer for visual arts. Hailing from the city of Bari, a stones throw away from the Adriatic Sea, this young multi-instrumentalist has been relentlessly proving himself to be a versatile yet unique voice in the current musical panorama. 

After devoting his youth exploring the works of both older and contemporary composers, Marco moved to London in early 2013 to form his own musical identity and expose himself to the local art scene. From there, a steadily increasing flow of music for picture followed. As of today, Marco’s soundtracks have been presented in renowned film events such as BFI, Los Angeles CineFest and Toronto Short Film Festival.

With such a promising start to his career, a discographic debut was simply the natural segue. On June 2016, Marco released his first album “Innerfin” on 1631 Recordings. Collecting selected works from the very same soundtracks written during the previous three years, the LP has been warmly accepted by critics and regarded as one of the most compelling genre releases of the year. Two videos have been produced for the tracks “Fin” and “Gleyminn”, both directed by Andrea Scaringello. 

“The music of Innerfin is stunning and engaging, and above all the album is crafted with emotional depth in mind. Each song locks you in on a particular feeling, but it gives you room to breathe and experience each feeling to its fruition.” 
(Evan Laurie, Arctic Drones)

“Slight electronics, strings and lo-fi treatments compliment Innerfin to create a gorgeous soundtrack full of emotion, sentiment and joy. […] I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this one, folks.” 
(Headphone Commute)

The following autumn the composer hosted an episode of the historical Headphone Commute podcast series as label ambassador. The project included the original word piece “Paraeidolia”, read by Canadian voice actor Paul Drolet. Shortly after, Marco also contributed music to the promotional campaign for Clint Eastwood’s movie “Sully”, later on achieving recognition at the subsequent Global Trailer Awards.

Early 2017 sees Marco participating in the third instalment of 1631’s Piano Cloud compilation series with the single Libeccio. An animated video, created by Milan based illustrator Giulia Pex, premiered on Piano Day. 
The Italian musician was then involved as composer and music coordinator for “Eridanus”, the first 360˚ audio movie. Following praise and presentations by audio institution such as AES and the University of Derby's “Sounds in Space”, the installation is now being selectively showcased in London. 

Between these projects, Marco has been focusing on crafting brand new performances with his string quartet, premiering these on July 14th at St. Anne’s Church, Hoxton. While targeting exciting venues to bring his music, the composer’s main goal has now returned to writing original material and ambitious soundtracks.

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